Das Rheingold

Das Rheingold, marks the beginning of The Ring of the Nibelung, the colossal tetralogy of Richard Wagner and the second that the Royal Theater takes to its stage since its reopening in 1997. Pablo Heras-Casado, principal guest conductor of the Real, directs a cast with renowned Wagnerian singers such as Greer Grimsley, Sarah Connolly and Samuel Youn in a devastating production by Robert Carsen. The Canadian stage director places the prologue of the Ring in the rawness of our current contaminated world, where the characters of the cosmic conflict portrayed in the tetralogy unfold, that we will see complete throughout Written under the strict precepts of the Oper und Drama that the same Richard Wagner established, Das Rheingold – the first of the four operas that make up the tetralogy of The Ring of the Nibelung – seems more like a current drama than a remote fable. The composer already knew intuit the incompatibility between the laws of nature and those of human beings, and anticipated the consequences that would entail.

The production that now presents the Teatro Real puts us before a world in a state of siege, irreversibly contaminated, devastated by the avarice of power of the man who, trying to control his environment, has ended up headed to his own destruction. It is a world of blinded and gray people whose existence seems to lack any direction or meaning. The Rhine, in addition to housing the gold that will be stolen to make the magic ring (and cursed), becomes a sewer where the waste of a failed civilization ends. Das Rheingold is the perfect prelude to know the dynamics and conflicts that surround the characters of the tetralogy.