Our company has over 30 years of experience representing the most prestigious music publishers in Spain and Portugal.

We care for the interests of the publishers we represent, by documenting their works, defending their ownership and controlling and strengthening the rights they may generate.


We have extensive experience in the rental of material for symphonic and dramatic musical  works, as well as close contact with the most important orchestras and opera theatres in Spain and Portugal.

Additionally, we manage the rights produced by broadcasting these types of works on television, radio and the Internet.

All of this allows us to effectively inform and provide materials in order for these to be carried out.

Distribution and Sales of sheet Music:

Our organisation allows us to distribute and sell sheet music of all types to retailers and wholesalers (music stores, music schools, university and educational centre libraries, foundations, symphonic orchestras, etc.), either from our own catalogues and those we represent, or within a distribution agreement, all of which allows us to offer the most advantageous discounts available.


We contract and promote original and unpublished works for their recording and publication.


We administer repertoires of authors and publishers of all music genres.


We search for the most appropriate form of publication for each work, in publications aimed at promoting them in professional spheres, material rental or for sale to the public.


Licensing for advertising purposes and synchronisation in audiovisual productions.